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Hell yeah Navy Seal snipers.

Started working with gouache for the first time since that one project for 2D design back in 2002. Same set of gouache, even. It's maybe the next best thing to oil paint since you can just let it sit and come back to it the next day. I still miss the shit out of oil paint, though. I wish I hadn't given all my oil paint away. Argh.

I think I'm starting to see some effect coming of my observation of Thiebaud's paintings. I realized I need to take an evening and mix a bunch of new colors as well as keeping wet what colors I have. I'm glad to put a brush to some of these images that have sat for 2 years. My awareness of edges, hue/value relationships, and the way of fitting my painted shapes together is getting better maybe. I need to go back to oil paint though; there's really no substitute for it.

Oh yeah, I was able to create stickers at Office Depot last week. I bought a pack of sticker paper for $10 and paid $2.50 to have 5 pages printed and got around 50 stickers from that, subject to the size of each kind of sticker printed. I've even managed to sell a few! Neato!

Saw "Wild at Heart" while I was home this weekend. Strangely, I had considered renting that movie to take home with me to have something to watch. Weird. The film itself had some strange parts (especially the Buffalo and a pretty funny death scene at the end, but the movie definitely doesn't touch Blue Velvet or Eraserhead for me.

I'm considering not making contact with some people if they never make it with me. I feel like some of my friendships have become reptitive or somehow a stumbling block to me. I'm ready to get a wifey and start growing the hell up, and I think some of my friendships aren't helping my mental state in that capacity. It's hard to define, but I promise I'm not speaking of anyone on my friends list.
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