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I had a good birthday because I got to see my family, eat indian food, and recieve and incredible reminder of the love my family extends to me. I feel so unworthy at every birthday, so undeserving of the gifts and love they give me; I want to cry. It was a good birthday.

I finished the Razor's Edge by Somerset Maugham about an hour ago. What a fantastic book, and one that I really needed to run into at this point in my life. I really enjoyed it and I think reading it may have reprocussions on my life, but for now I will just say it was a great book with lots of good lessons to offer and I would reccomend it readily to anyone reading this entry.

I went to Athens on Friday to hear Hope for Agoldensummer and I also dropped by UGA's art building to catch the MFA show. The MFA show was horrible, frankly a shameful display of uninteresting and insiginificant work. I wish those folks all the progress their faculties can offer them in the future, but after seeing that show I'm not interested in exploring the possibiity of a UGA MFA; I'd rather just work off of my BFA if I have no other option.

Hope for a Goldensummer was great as usual, and they played again here in Atlanta the next evening. I even got a shout out because of my beard from Page Campbell during their set. The Campbell sisters' parents were there too and performed an accapella folk tune. It was a good evening.

I have finally resumed drawing in my studio. Last night I began a small oil pastel of a pixellated Coke can from Bad Dudes, though from looking at the can you'd be hard pressed to guess the object, much less its game of origin. I realized today  while sweeping at work that I might need to work in multiples, rather than striving for perfection in the one attempt of a graphic's depiction. That is, afterall, what Thiebaud has built his body of work on through the decades.

Thank you, Marisa, for your kind words the other week. I have thought on them quite a lot since then and I agree that I must simply follow my own path. Maybe every city is the same, just Atlanta with these bells or not those. Moving to a new city will not make me more successful; working might.
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