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I'll be relocating to new digs starting this weekend. I'm living in a basement that in no way resembles the traditional associations of musty air, roach colonies, or after-college dwelling pothead siblings. I'll have my own bedroom, bathroom, SEPARATE STUDIO, L I V I N G   R O O M, and fridge for all my delicious things.

I'm still hashing out the art thing. I think I'm figuring out the Sodom and Gomorrah painting in light of the large drawing I did for the MINT show. I think I am bored by my paintings because there is nothing unusual about their physical construction, so in light of what I recently tested with the large drawing, I will be revising the structure of the painting to make it much more engaging. There will be no rectangular picture plane, but rather an image seeping forward from the picture surface and coming out into the viewer's space. The boundary placed on the image by that traditional, rectangular border is no longer a given; it has just as much of an implication on the picture's meaning as the imagery it contains. The border will no longer be the container of the image, it will become part of the image.

If I don't get into any of the schools I applied for, I will weigh the prospects of re-learning painting at SCAD Atlanta (getting a certificate, more or less, not an MFA) and pursuing graduate studies possibly in Athens, which is part of my heart anyway. Or maybe Asheville or Austin. We'll see later.

Who wants a fucking bad-ass bitching mix cd?

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