Ash-a-ley (stealyourtea82) wrote,

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Just listened to Bruce Springsteen's "Born to Run" for the first time

And I could not make it past "Jungleland", I turned it off and deleted it.

Maybe it's my parents' not exposing me to music like that when I was a kid because they didn't own any 'Steen.

Maybe it's my own musical tastes, which were left to their own devices, developing in other directions of taste.

Maybe it's sitting in Pink Master's in Savannah while SCAD Kid pieces of crap keyed music like this into the jukebox while they swilled PBR and tried to act like they weren't in the upper tax bracket.

It's probably a confluence of all three factors.

The point is: at this point in my life and tastes, I think Bruce Springsteen is some cheesy bullshit that absolutely fails to push the right buttons and I do not get it.
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